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Are you an informed consumer ? Do you know how solar tariff is calculated ?

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According to our analysis the cost of a rooftop solar ranges between Rs.4.5-5.5 per unit. Grab your electricity bill today and make a comparison


Send us your electricity bill, we will analyse it and send you a cost-comparison sheet showing how much you can actually save from the use of rooftop solar.

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SolarDae is a digital marketing platform for an exclusive coverage and analysis of solar policies, regulation, and market and power tariffs across India. Their analysis helps us in guiding a solar developer or a land owner in setting up utility scale plants and also an industrial or commercial or residential consumer who is looking for rooftop solar installation.

Balaarka Encon - Our EPC partner - undertakes the technical consultation and engineers energy solutions as per the need

State Wise Solar Policy

State Wise Net Metric Policy

We Provide Genuine Data Related To Solar Energy As Well As Another Renewable Energy.

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Financial and Policy/Regulatory advisory on rooftop and ground mounted utility scale solar plants.


We provide EPC and O&M through our EPC Partner Balaarka Encon. Connect with us .


We provide market insight of solar sector through our blogs SunDae. Explore our Blog .

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