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COVID: Applicability Of Solar Tariff Extended Till September In Uttarakhand

COVID 19 has forced Uttarakhand Electricity Regulatory Commission (UERC) to extend the applicability of solar tariff till September. The commission had determined the generic solar tariff through a Suo-moto order last year on 7th June. The extended order is applicable for Solar PV, Solar Thermal and Grid Interactive Rooftop & Small Solar PV Plants.

UERC reviews the benchmark capital cost annually. Based on the prices of international and indigenous solar panels/modules it determines a tariff. However, due to COVID, the data on module prices are not available. Further construction and commercial activities in the solar sector have also been disrupted and due to the extension of the lockdown, the commercial activities may take time to normalise.

Generic Solar Tariff For Various Projects

As per the order, the generic tariff for a ground-mounted solar power plant is INR 4.49 per unit whereas the tariff for a solar thermal power plant is INR 14.24.

In the rooftop solar category, the commission had fixed the tariffs according to the solar project size. The tariff for project capacity up to 10 KW is INR 5.50, for 10-100 KW it is INR 4.98, for 100-500 KW project size the tariff is INR 4.63, and for the capacities above 500 KW and up to 1000 KW, the tariff is INR 4.52. The commission has also determined the tariffs for subsidy projects. The subsidy ranges from 20% to 90%. The details of these projects are in the tariff order.

These tariffs mentioned in this order will be an indicative ceiling tariff for the developers in the state till September 30th. The chances of installing any new project appear bleak. The supply chain disruption will continue to keep the activities in solar sector bearish.

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Post Author: Ankur Kumar Jha

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Ankur analyses mainstream media coverage of renewable energy in general and solar in particular; he tracks the ongoing development of regulations and policies and incorporates them in his opinion. He can be reached at +91-8860726731 for any assistance in rooftop solar and utility-scale projects.

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