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Delhi Metro Starts Receiving Solar Power From Rewa Project

Delhi Metro Rail Corporation (DMRC) has started receiving 27 MW power from Rewa Solar Power Project. Rewa Ultra Mega Solar project which is 750 MW is based out of Madhya Pradesh. The project will sell the generated energy to Madhya Pradesh DISCOMs and DMRC. DMC had signed the Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) in 2017.

Rewa Solar project was in news in 2017 for the ultra record low solar tariff. The project had breached INR 3 for the first time in India or so the media had been reporting. The fact was partially correct as they had been reporting only about the first year tariff instead of the tariff schedule for the entire 25 years. SolarDae had then put a graphical explanation about the tariff schedule.

Delhi Metro Starts Receiving Solar Power From Rewa Project
Source: SolarDae Research

The levellised solar tariff was INR 3.30 per unit and it had not breached INR 3 at that time. The tariffs for this project was submitted in February 2017 whereas the tariffs started breaching INR 3 from May. It is worth mentioning here that solar tariff touched the lowest the same month.

Solar Power footprint of DMRC

Delhi Metro has already been using rooftop solar plants on its premises to meet its auxiliary requirements such as lighting and air conditioning of stations, depots. Additionally, it has also installed these plants for its residential colonies and depots. The total capacity of rooftop solar that DMRC is using is 28 MW.

This is the first time that DMRC will be receiving solar power from an offsite source. It will also be the first time that DMRC will use solar energy for the operation of trains. On average, Rewa solar power project will supply 345 Million units (MUs) of energy in a calendar year. In 2018-19, Delhi Metro consumed about 1092 MU of power for its operations.

Post Author: Ankur Kumar Jha

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