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Net Metering Guidelines Can Push Delhi For Rooftop Solar

Delhi Electricity Regulatory Commission (DERC) has recently issued the guidelines for group net-metering and virtual net-metering. The new guidelines can help New Delhi increase the rooftop solar plants on buildings. The state has a number of Group Housing Society (GHS). Also, many of its electricity consumers have multiple service connections. The new guideline aligns itself with the needs of such consumers in the state.

What is net-meter?

Net-meter is an arrangement which exports surplus energy from a renewable energy system such as rooftop solar to the grid. Power distribution companies in New Delhi offset this surplus energy on the electricity bill of their consumers.

Under Group Net metering the exported energy is adjusted in more than one electricity service connection(s) of the same consumer located within the same distribution licensee’s area of supply whereas in the virtual net metering energy exported is adjusted in more than one electricity service connection(s) of participating consumers located within the same distribution licensee’s area of supply.

DERC had notified the net-metering regulation for the state in 2014. Last year The Delhi Government had launched two schemes for solar: Mukhyamantri Kisan Aay Badhotri Solar Yojana and Mukhyamantri Solar Power Scheme for GHS. In the former scheme, developers will enter a contract agreement with the farmers for 25 years. In return, farmers will receive 1 lakh per acre in the first year with 6% escalation in the subsequent years. The latter focus on zero initial investment for GHS for which the Delhi Government also plans to fix a low tariff. And finally, DERC has now notified the guidelines for virtual and group net metering.

It is unclear how these schemes and guidelines will pave the way for the installation of rooftop solar power plants in New Delhi. But definitely, it will help EPCs to tap opportunity from GHS consumers.

Post Author: Ankur Kumar Jha

Founder SolarDae || MBA Power Management || B.E (Mechanical)

Ankur analyses mainstream media coverage of renewable energy in general and solar in particular; he tracks the ongoing development of regulations and policies and incorporates them in his opinion. He can be reached at +91-8860726731 for any assistance in rooftop solar and utility-scale projects.

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