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Surat: From being diamond city to solar city of India
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The diamond city of India Surat is on the verge to become a leading solar city. It has been identified as one of the many solar cities of India. The city is expected to have 25 MW of rooftop solar power plant by February 2019. It has already installed 15 MW of solar power plant and is leading among the solar cities. The city administration had received 4,500 applications from residents and commercial establishments in the first phase until September 24. It received another 1,000 applications in the second phase that began from September 24 and ends next year in the same month. The second phase will see the installation of around 10 MW.


Surat: An ideal solar city

Besides having diamond cutting and polishing units Surat also has other industrial clusters. They are energy intensive and therefore have a high electricity demand. Among the commercial buildings are educational institutes, shopping malls, private buildings etc. Surat is a good market for rooftop solar and therefore an ideal solar city.

Industrial & commercial consumers in the city can install rooftop solar up to 50% of their contract demand. Residential consumers on the other hand up to 100%. Residential consumers are also eligible for a solar subsidy from the central & state government. Industrial clusters will be instrumental in pushing Surat towards becoming a solar city. The limit of 50% on industrial and commercial must increase. SolarDae reiterates that regulatory provisions should relax its norms to unleash the potential of rooftop solar. The same holds true for Gujarat as well if it wants its cities like Surat to emerge as a solar city.

Also, the rate of electricity from the grid is going up by 3 to 5 per cent every year. Cost of solar energy, on the other hand, has plummetted and has potential to reduce consumers’ electricity cost between 30 to 50 per cent.

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Post Author: Ankur Kumar Jha

Founder SolarDae || MBA Power Management || B.E (Mechanical)

Ankur analyses mainstream media coverage of renewable energy in general and solar in particular; he tracks the ongoing development of regulations and policies and incorporates them in his opinion. He can be reached at +91-8860726731 for any assistance in rooftop solar and utility-scale projects.

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